Schmitt, Trump, and History

My essay reflecting on Hegel, Carl Schmitt, the I-Not-I distinction as the friend-enemy distinction, American history, "the end of history," Cold War, and Donald Trump has been published at the online journal Merion West.  The essay is a historico-philosophical examination of the seminal question concerning the "end of history," dialectical politics, and how to make … Continue reading Schmitt, Trump, and History

2016: Year of the Reactionary (Liberal)

2016 was the year of the reactionary, and specifically, a very new phenomenon of the reactionary liberal – or unreconstructed liberal.  Beneath talks of conservatism and progressivism, making America great again or that America is already great, the current political consensus in the United States is a certain thrust of reactionary sentiment, or, at the … Continue reading 2016: Year of the Reactionary (Liberal)