Nietzsche: On Self-Overcoming

Nietzsche is one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and generally vilified modern philosophers. Many people charge him with being a nihilist, and others claim him as a nihilist because they are nihilists. This is patently false.  Nietzsche was an anti-nihilist and opposed nihilism. The key to Nietzsche, which is the key to understanding the Nietzschean … Continue reading Nietzsche: On Self-Overcoming

Reading Augustine’s City of God: Book I

Augustine’s City of God stands as one of the masterpieces of Late Latin literature, and one of the classics of Christian literature.  The book itself is many things, and is sometimes derided for its systematically unsystematic nature – that is, Augustine is talking about too many things in the book all at once which makes … Continue reading Reading Augustine’s City of God: Book I