Cicero: On Education and Humanism

Besides political commentary, although Cicero’s ruminations about education and philosophy are still tied to his political philosophy, Cicero’s other great undercurrent of thought in the Republic is the relationship between philosophy and education with the health of one’s soul and how this pursuit of wisdom impacts how one acts and engages in the world.  Naturally … Continue reading Cicero: On Education and Humanism

Cicero: Patriotism as Social Animus

Cicero is perhaps the most famous of the Roman Stoic philosophers.  We examined Seneca and Cato (the Youngers) in this post, and mentioned the role of Cicero in developing Roman Stoic thought.  Cicero wrote many philosophical works, the two most famous being On the Republic/Commonwealth and The Laws.  We will begin to look at Cicero’s … Continue reading Cicero: Patriotism as Social Animus

The Roman Stoics: Cato and Seneca

Cato and Seneca (the Youngers) are two of the most important pre-Christian Roman philosophers.  While Cicero is the most famous of the Stoic philosophers, the issue of them being “stoic” philosophers is a matter of strong contention since they’re not fully “stoic” in the original Greek sense.  Stoicism is another classical rationalist school of thought.  … Continue reading The Roman Stoics: Cato and Seneca