Paganism and the Alt-Right

For people who are a bit more familiar with the phenomenon of the “Alt-Right” than the media, one notices in their publications, books, and public gatherings a seemingly odd interest in “Paganism.”  Alt-Right leaders and faces often consider themselves to be pagan, call for a “re-paganization” of Europe – or if in America claim some … Continue reading Paganism and the Alt-Right

Specters of Fascism, Part V

As we complete our tour and analysis of “historical fascism,” or what German scholar Ernst Nolte called “fascism in its epoch” (Der Faschismus in seiner Epoche, 1963), we turn to the more contentious historical movements that have sometimes been associated with fascism but scholars have generally regarded as not having been fascist (though certainly benefiting … Continue reading Specters of Fascism, Part V

Specters of Fascism, Part IV

Of all the fascist movements, German fascism (or “National Socialism”) is probably the most famous and least understood.  Fascism in Germany was the epicenter of the brief life of fascism, produced a number of intellectuals – serious and forgotten – from which we are able to derive a lineage of fascist philosophy.  While antecedent roots … Continue reading Specters of Fascism, Part IV

Reading Augustine’s City of God: Book I

Augustine’s City of God stands as one of the masterpieces of Late Latin literature, and one of the classics of Christian literature.  The book itself is many things, and is sometimes derided for its systematically unsystematic nature – that is, Augustine is talking about too many things in the book all at once which makes … Continue reading Reading Augustine’s City of God: Book I