The Monopoly on Violence

The monopoly on violence is one of the key characteristics of modern public law, modern political philosophy, and is the famous definition of the modern state according to Max Weber in Politics as a Vocation (of which I provided a basic summary of Weber’s sociological philosophy including Politics as a Vocation in this post).  As … Continue reading The Monopoly on Violence

A critique of Fukuyama and the Liberal Appropriation of “Hegelianism”

Beyond the explanatory posts that I am endeavoring to provide here at Hesiod's Corner, I also engage in professional writing for both academic journals and media venues (freelance). Here is an article I have been working on for some time, published in the biannual philosophy journal Kritike: "The Limits of Liberalism and the Crisis of … Continue reading A critique of Fukuyama and the Liberal Appropriation of “Hegelianism”

Max Weber and Sociological Philosophy

Max Weber is considered one of the most important (if not the most) social scientists of the 20th century.  Weber is widely read in philosophy, since a lot of sociology falls under philosophical sociology.  Weber was noted for his support of the fact-value distinction, which led Weber’s assertion that choice should be conducted with extreme … Continue reading Max Weber and Sociological Philosophy