What is Original Sin?

Original Sin, in Christianity, is an affirmed doctrine that is oftentimes misconstrued by those who know little of church tradition and by those critics of Christianity who are equally illiterate and unread about Christianity.  Original Sin is a term that many who have grown up in a Christian culture will have heard of.  But what … Continue reading What is Original Sin?

Rupture: Paradise Lost and the Fall in Christianity

The concept of the Fall in Christianity is one of its most notable ideas, codified into doctrine with the understanding of Original Sin which stems from the Fall.  We have already examined aspects of the Fall in the thought of St. Augustine in these posts here and here.  Now we turn to a more cursory … Continue reading Rupture: Paradise Lost and the Fall in Christianity

Cicero: The Laws, Book I

Having examined Cicero’s Republic (or On the Commonwealth), we turn to his sequel which has been widely influential in the development of natural law theory, humanism, and enshrined Cicero as one of the “righteous pagans” in Catholic history, The Laws. The Laws, though independent of the Republic, was meant to be read as a compendium … Continue reading Cicero: The Laws, Book I

Augustine and the Dialectic of Love

Throughout the long-winded confession that is Augustine’s spiritual autobiography, he offered two of the most memorable quotes in all of Christian history, “Our heart is restless until it finds rest in you” (1.1) and “I was in love with the idea of love” (3.1).  Both statements reflect the heart of Augustine’s anthropology and his understanding … Continue reading Augustine and the Dialectic of Love

Augustine and the Logos

The most important aspect of Christianity is not actually its proclamation that there is a God, for the philosophers before Christianity (Cicero, Aristotle, Plato, and Parmenides, etc.) all asserted that there had to be one God.  It isn’t even the so-called “dying and rising” narrative that many comparative mythologists center in on concerning the death … Continue reading Augustine and the Logos

Augustine’s Anthropology

St. Augustine is a towering figure in Western philosophy.  He was one of the first four official “doctors of the Church,” a canonized saint in Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Orthodoxy, and supposedly revered in Reformed Protestantism – in the history of Christian philosophy Augustine looms large as probably the most important Christian philosopher to have ever … Continue reading Augustine’s Anthropology