Reading Augustine’s City of God: The Two Cities

Augustine’s City of God is one of the great works of Western literature: philosophy, cultural criticism, theology, and development of Christian doctrines.  At 22 books, and over 1,000 pages (most translations), the City of God is not light reading but is generally considered one of the most masterful works ever produced in the Western philosophical … Continue reading Reading Augustine’s City of God: The Two Cities

Dialectic and Wisdom in the Book of Job

“You’re not listening.”  This simple phrase is one of the most cliché, but poignantly true, sentences concerning human existence.  Just a Kohelet stated that there is time for everything under the sun, it is important, then, to know when the time is to speak and when the time is to listen.  This is especially true … Continue reading Dialectic and Wisdom in the Book of Job

Judaism’s Gifts to the West

“The Jews started it all,” wrote Thomas Cahill in The Gift of the Jews.  By “it,” Cahill states he is referring to modern sensibilities and dispositions.  But the West’s struggle with its relationship with Judaism is something replete with ironies, paradoxes, and hostility.  Yet, it is from this relationship that the modern West—as we know … Continue reading Judaism’s Gifts to the West

Dialectic in the Hebrew Bible

In philosophy, dialectic means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  It is, in its most simple form, the understanding of when two parties engage with one another in an inquiry or conflict that, upon finishing, leads to a closer understanding of the truth.  We should avoid applying the Hegelian and Marxist … Continue reading Dialectic in the Hebrew Bible