Johann Hamann: Philosophy of Language

Johann Hamann is one of the most understudied and unknown philosophers, especially in the English-speaking world.  A figure of tremendous importance to history, who was called the “Magus of the North” and the “brightest star” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Hamann came to be an influential father of the Sturm und Drang arts movement in Germany, … Continue reading Johann Hamann: Philosophy of Language

Johann Fichte’s Der geschlossene Handelsstaat

Arguably the most important philosophical, literary, and intellectual movement of the last two centuries was not Marxism, but Romanticism – even Marxism drew upon Romanticism.  Romanticism influenced everything from arts and literature, to philosophy, politics, economics, nationalism, radicalism, conservatism, and revolutionary philosophies.  Among the most important of the early Romantics was Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a … Continue reading Johann Fichte’s Der geschlossene Handelsstaat

Johann Hamann’s “Higher Reason”

Johann Hamann, like most of the Romantic and Counter-Enlightenment figures, is little known to the public today despite his tremendous influence and importance during his lifetime and immediately after.  It is safe to say that without Hamann, there would be no Johann Herder, and without Hamann and Herder, German Romanticism would have sung a different … Continue reading Johann Hamann’s “Higher Reason”

Introduction to German Romanticism

I'm beginning a series where I'm going to slowly move through the history of the German Idealists and Romantics.  Those interested in understanding the most important philosophical movement of the late modern period.  Clink on the link to the YT recording/video. Introduction to German Romanticism: Where I give a whirlwind tour of the history of … Continue reading Introduction to German Romanticism