Hobbes’s Leviathan, Part IV

Proceeding to reading Chapters 10-13 we hit the meat of Hobbes’s Leviathan.  We approach his famous commentary on the state of nature, wherein we are burdened by the “war of every man against everyman” or “war of all against all” (from the Latin edition: Bellum omnium contra omnes) and his bleak assessment that life in … Continue reading Hobbes’s Leviathan, Part IV

Reading Locke’s Two Treatises: Chapters 9-13

In continuing our reading of Locke’s Two Treatises, beginning with Chapter 9, we turn to Locke’s understanding of what the end of political governance, the commonwealth, and legislature, is ultimately for.  That is to say, what does political society aim at?  Essentially his answer was already given in the preceding chapters – peaceable and solitary … Continue reading Reading Locke’s Two Treatises: Chapters 9-13