Friedrich Schelling’s Naturphilosophie, Part II

We previously examined and summarized the historical circumstances, influences, and sketched overview of Friedrich Schelling’s naturphilosophie (philosophy of nature) here. To restate, Schelling’s main emphasis was the grounding of reality in an organic/natural world which organically develops to consciousness in the phenomenal realm of space and time. This teleological evolution ties the present with the … Continue reading Friedrich Schelling’s Naturphilosophie, Part II

Group Feeling and Intimacy in Ibn Khaldun

One of the major concepts that Ibn Khaldun discusses, besides the role of environment and geography upon people and shaping the human condition, is the notion of group feeling and its role in history, the formation of societies, and how this too is shaped by the environment.  One could say that Ibn Khaldun is the … Continue reading Group Feeling and Intimacy in Ibn Khaldun

Reading Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah, Part VII

In continuing our reading and examination of Ibn Khaldun, we pivot in Chapter III to a crucial section of remarks concerning the nature of the life stages of sedentary civilization.  Rather than explore each remark alone, just as I did for Part IV I am going to examining these sections (remarks 13-18 in the Rosenthal … Continue reading Reading Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah, Part VII