I’m your humble and venerable host. I graduated from Yale where I studied theology and Bible for an M.A. in religious studies with a thesis on the political theology of St. Augustine.  I hold a B.A. in economics, history, and philosophy. This site or “blog” is dedicated to fight against faux intellectualism which dominates our plebeian culture today, which means it is a blog dedicated to the promotion of philosophy, historico-philosophy, political philosophy, historical theology, and hermeneutics. I sometimes write for media publications, preferably the publications of “the higher journalism”; at present I’m also a senior contributor to once such publication.  Abandon all hope ye who enter this blog, the savageness of the light will blind you and force you back into the abyss of the Cave. We must avoid the path of the joyless quest for joy.  I hope what you find here are concise, manageable, and worthwhile essays, and summaries/explanations of some of the important most important works of philosophy, theology, and political theory.  These posts are mostly to the benefit of the public, especially those who are attempting to grasp the basics of philosophy and political philosophy.

My scholarly/academic work generally revolves around the interstices of political philosophy, political theology, and the philosophy of history; my public writings have been featured in SalonForbes, Crisis Magazine, Merion WestThe Imaginative Conservative, and The Federalist, among others.

You can find a collection of my writings dating back to 2015 on my Academia Page.


This is a sketch of my CV:


2016-2018: Yale University, Divinity School – M.A. in Theology/Political Theology

*Thesis on the political theology of St. Augustine: “That Republic in Christ: Love, Justice, and Pluralism in the Political Theology of St. Augustine.” My thesis on Augustine passed with an Honors distinction and the mark of “excellent.”

2011-2015: Baldwin Wallace University – B.A. in Economics, History & Philosophy

*Macro economic theory & development economics; U.S. and Islamic history; history of philosophy (metaphysics and epistemology), ethics and social philosophy.




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Chapter Author of untitled book project on pedagogy, Routledge Press (expected, 2019-2020).