St. Augustine’s Theology of Love and Justice

Justice is an integral theme in Augustine’s political theology, and justice is directly correlated and contingent upon his theology of love.  True justice, for Augustine, begins with the love of God (and thereby extending to love of others since the love of others is the ultimate expression of love of God; the two commandments that embody the whole of the Law).[1]  Since a republic, or any political order, exists in some manner to dispense justice (however imperfect),[2] an understanding of the role of justice in the political thought of Augustine rests upon the role of love in dispensing justice.  That is to say what people love affects how justice is dispensed in society since the dispensing of justice will correlate with love of self or love of others…

Continue reading: Augustine on Love, Justice, and Pluralism in Human Nature

*This is a 10,000 word article of mine based on a portion of my thesis at Yale. It was published by the online journal VoegelinView, which is where my commentary on the nature of political philosophy in Plato’s Republic was published.

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