Aristotle’s “Political Animal”

Aristotle famously said in Politics that “man is a political animal.”  What did he mean by that?  Why is it important?  Aristotle’s political philosophy is dependent upon his understanding of human anthropology and ontology, as well as teleology.  Unlike today, Aristotle’s statement is not meant to signify that humans should be “politically active,” i.e. activists.  … Continue reading Aristotle’s “Political Animal”

2016: Year of the Reactionary (Liberal)

2016 was the year of the reactionary, and specifically, a very new phenomenon of the reactionary liberal – or unreconstructed liberal.  Beneath talks of conservatism and progressivism, making America great again or that America is already great, the current political consensus in the United States is a certain thrust of reactionary sentiment, or, at the … Continue reading 2016: Year of the Reactionary (Liberal)

What is Progressivism?

There is no more confusing, if not pedantic, attempt to explain conservatism and progressivism.  Everyone offers up political definitions, peddled by both fourth and fifth estates.  In the halls of philosophy, however, contrary to the opinion pages of the New York Times, New Republic, or National Review, a very different picture of conservatism and progressivism … Continue reading What is Progressivism?

Mission Statement

Welcome to Hesiod’s Corner! We are living in interesting and exciting times, but that seems to always be a truism. If you stumbled upon Hesiod’s Corner by looking for Hesiod—the famous 8th century B.C.E. Greek poet, then you might already have a good inkling at what is going to be contained here.  If not, I … Continue reading Mission Statement